Management Consulting by Wull Encompasses All Areas of C-suite Support, Product Development & System Design, Financial Stewardship, Business Intelligence, Operation & Implementation

“Complex problems are opportunities for me. With curiosity and a multi-dimensional approach, I understand that solutions are the result of several factors working together,” said Steve Wullschleger, founder & managing partner.

For 20 years, we have delivered for funded startups, mid size and large companies. We apply the same recipe for success no matter your size and where you are.

Some of the corporate clients we served

We are ALL of these, and more:

  1. CSO (strategy, combining operational and financial perspectives)
  2. CFO (with strategic and operational emphasis)
  3. CIO (information technology, with financial and operational perspectives)
  4. COO, Chief of Staff
  5. Economics & Social Science
  6. Cutting edge technology
  7. Human-centered leadership…

We do each function with an overarching point of view.

We glue them all together.

OUR combined skill set multiplies YOUR growth.

Wull is a management consulting firm advising strategic operations, digital transformation, product development, BI, financial stewardship, data analytics, etc.

You kill two, or three, or even four birds with one stone at Wull:

  1. 100+ years of combined management consulting for technology companies and services
  2. Cutting edge tech expertise + world class human centered leadership
  3. Decades of Big Four financial consultant experience
  4. Highly respected in business analytics and design of processes & systems.

Wull Results

  1. Helped six companies successfully exit.
  2. Built a global e-commerce consulting division of 500 employees for a Fortune 500 services firm.
  3. Achieved 90% increase in customer satisfaction, with strategically improved business process, re-engineered the support division for a high tech company that eventually went public.
  4. Establish financial infrastructure that led to 250% of annual growth in the first year.
  5. Increased operational efficiency by 5% for a cutting edge tech company, improved strategic decisions and execution, with a reporting tool to drive behavior.
  6. Increased revenue 3X, and reduced delivery time by ⅓ with development of a scheduling system for planning, purchasing, & production for an electronics manufacturer.
  7. Oversaw the design of fintech software’s new functionality for speedy & large scale delivery of $1.5 billion to millions of end users.
  8. Crafted digital marketing growth strategy for global marketplace to expand business from 10M to 100M annual revenue.
  9. Built and ran AI and machine learning powered growth team, driving prospecting, decisioning, and “smart” customer experience, exceeding annual targets.

Whom do we serve:

High tech and other Industries, such as:

  1. AI
  2. SasS
  3. Fin tech
  4. Data & BI
  5. Healthcare
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Health insurance
  8. Education, Ed Tech
  9. Information Technology
  • Deep, Specific,
  • Holistic,
  • Cross functional,
  • Results-driven.

Wull solutions for your pain points:

We are in the trenches with you. We support you, build your infrastructure, put your people and process in place.

If you’re a funded tech startup; or an established corporation seeking to grow, we alleviate growing pains and transform your bottom line. Our services include but are not limited to:

Management Consulting, COO, CIO, CMO:

  • Plan and execute customer support, on time and on budget delivery,
  • Diagnose bottlenecks, streamline collaborations, Develop and implement brand marketing and sales strategies & approaches;

Financial Stewardship, CFO:

  • Establish and improve financial infrastructure, accounting, reporting,
  • Turn revenue stagnation to steady growth;

Business Intelligence:

  • Provide thorough business analyses, business intelligence, data based reports,
  • Develop operational systems and procedures, project management,
  • Offer specific solutions, for managed ERPs, for contract manufacturers;

Product Development:

  • Design and experiment with new products, services, business models & systems.

What our clients said about us

The Wull team is a quiet, reliable secret in Silicon Valley, with a Swiss Army knife of expertise.

- J.R.

In depth,
in width,
in tech,
in humanity,
We weave them all together.

Think. Design. Do. - Wull.

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We are your Chief Synthesizing Officers.