Financial Management & Stewardship - As your CFO, Builder & Overseer of your Financial Infrastructure

  • From accounting details to the company’s strategic forecasts, we feel the daily pulse for your financial health, and keep your eyes on the horizon for growth with financial management.
  • With 12+ years of expertise at one of the Big Four accounting firms, we turn revenue stagnation to steady growth for many tech companies.
  • Establish and improve financial infrastructure, accounting, reporting, tax compliance, and every aspect of financial health for the long term financial management strategies.

Combining deep and focused specializations with a broad scope of expertise is Wull’s hallmark. Our uniquely combined power is extremely rare and valuable for growth companies.

Some of Wull’s Success Stories

  • Financial management & financial stewardship – We established financial infrastructure that led to 250% of annual growth in the first year for a tech company.
  • As both in-house and fractional CFOs , we have grown early stage startups and growth stage companies to various levels of success.
  • Growth & expansion: Built a global-e-commerce consulting division of 500 employees for a Fortune 500 firm.
  • Operational & strategic CFO services and cash flow management – Provided financial bird’s eye view for C-suites and the boards of directors.