We consult C-suites with multi-dimensional approaches

  • Growth strategies: We first work with CEOs and leadership to establish the scaffolding and the infrastructure for growth, with planning, business models, go to market strategies, operational roadmap; we then nurture the soft skills for human centered company culture, talent management, brand building, and sales strategies.
  • Technology & analytics: We blend our love for technology with holistic business management expertise, as well as data management savviness, to advise growth companies with specific, unique solutions, often in their best long term interest.
  • Operation & execution: We are known for hands-on implementations for cross functional teamwork, continuously fine tuning systems, processes, and metrics, to drive communication, efficiency, and higher levels of growth.
  • System integration: For organizations and their customers, suppliers, and partners, we implement and integrate CRM, ERP and other systems. We help with data management in the Cloud.

We are your ultimate CSO:
Chief Strategies Officer, and/or Chief Synthesizing Officer.

Combining deep and focused specializations with a broad scope of expertise is Wull’s hallmark. Our uniquely combined power is extremely rare and valuable for growth companies.

Some of Wull’s Success Stories

  • System integration – We have seamlessly integrated for dozens of large and mid sized companies ERP and CRM systems, not only with mastery for computer softwares, but more importantly with comprehensive understanding of the business model, end users’ needs, and identifying improvement opportunities and productivity. This combination of tech savviness with business operations analysis is hard to find.
  • Digital marketing: Crafted digital marketing growth strategy for global marketplace to expand business from 10M to 100M annual revenue.
  • Growth & expansion: Built a global-e-commerce consulting division of 500 employees for a Fortune 500 firm.
  • Customer support: Achieved 90% increase in customer satisfaction, with strategically improved business process, re-engineered the support division for a high tech company that went public.