As your CIO and CTO, Wull provides expertise in AI and Analytics, information technology, and digital transformation

  • We use data to tell stories and share knowledge & wisdom, such as predicting demand and supply with AI and data science, among others.
  • With deep expertise on cutting edge technological trends, including but not limited to Microsoft Power BI and Azure, we provide thorough business analyses, business intelligence, and data based reports. We make meaning from data for specific decision making and problem solving, and architect data infrastructure for solving operational problems.
  • We develop operational systems and procedures, such as ERP and CRM implementations, for business process improvement and project management, with data-based steps, planning, forecasting, and execution.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool, Wull applies experience, real world scenarios that are constantly changing, in rendering business intelligence for leadership. Wull’s BI helps with key decision making, forecasting revenue, costs, supply & demand and other variables, and systemizing data for operations.

Wull can provide statisticians and/or data scientists to our clients. We can also add other analyses based on the data, such as behavioral insights, economics, and intangible factors.

We can provide data-based reports with thorough business analyses, for developing operational systems and procedures, or for business process improvement and project management, planning, forecasting, and operational steps, – all based upon AI and business intelligence.

Combining deep and focused specializations with a broad scope of expertise is Wull’s hallmark. Our uniquely combined power is extremely rare and valuable for growth companies.

Some of Wull’s Success Stories

  • Data Preparation & Analysis – Developed a platform for tracking customer engagement that led to new product features for a startup, which was later acquired by a Fortune 10 company.
  • Digital Transformation – Developed planning, forecasting, production scheduling systems, resulting in cost savings on purchasing, shorter production cycles, and inventory optimization, that translated into revenue increase around $1.5 M.
  • CIO, IT, BI support – By improving business strategies, process, and the support divisions, we doubled customer satisfaction metrics for a couple of well known Silicon Valley companies that went public. We are called for other IT support such as reimplementation of a server for an entire operations and purchasing system.

Some of the companies we have helped with business intelligence:

Powur, Streamline Electronics manufacturing, Apple/Siri, and Gopro.